Rex Widerstrom, Principal Consultant


P.O. Box 343, West Perth, Western Australia 6872

Professional Information


Rex Widerstrom began his career in broadcasting and print media in New Zealand in 1976. He has been editor of national circulation newspapers and magazines, writing on everything from agriculture to IT. He's hosted radio breakfast news/talk programs, later becoming advisor to one of that country's most colourful and controversial political leaders, Winston Peters and his party, New Zealand First. As Communications Director of the party he devised a strategy which propelled it from three to almost thirty percent in the polls in under six months.

He went on to advise the NZ Labour Party during crucial coalition negotiations in 1996, and then the ACT NZ Party

That grew into the establishment of Polemic Corporation, a unique multinational venture which employed political and PR consultants in 40 locations across the globe, handling election campaigns, government relations, PR and media relations for clients in the political, government, NGO, corporate and SME sectors from 1996 until 2002. The firm worked in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA.


In 1999 he was appointed Director of the NZ Electronic Electoral Trial, a joint initiative of Victoria University (Wellington), the Campaign for Digital Democracy (California, USA) and Polemic, and became a leading activist for electronic voting. He was also much sought-after as a political commentator, with columns appearing in many of the country's leading newspapers, and on radio.


He moved to Australia in 2002, where he has built a successful practice advising business and political clients with an emphasis on the point at which the two meet - government relations. He has also consulted to several high-profile political campaigns at state level.


An interest in an independent television and video production company also sees him assisting with writing, production, voiceover and presentation work on some of its projects. He still writes regularly for a variety of clients, covering a wide range of topics.





  • ​Public relations and communications planning and strategy.

  • Communications campaign delivery.

  • Stakeholder / external relations.

  • Government relations strategy and delivery.

  • Television & radio production and presentation.

  • Developing innovative technology solutions.

  • Broad range of IT & software skills.

  • Political campaign strategy & tactics.

  • Image and brand management.

  • Spokesperson roles.

  • Editorial and journalism / writing.

  • Publication & web design.

  • Event organisation.

  • Management & leadership.

Education and Professional Certification

Rex Widerstrom holds a postgraduate diploma in communications and holds the professional qualification of APR (Accredited Public Relations), recognised worldwide, and which means that the holder is "a senior-level strategist who has demonstrated the skills and abilities necessary in today’s public relations executive or manager and has successfully completed a challenging review and examination process".





Audition, Audacity, Dreamweaver, Excel, Final Cut Pro, InDesign, Illustrator, Outlook, Photoshop, Premiere, Word, Windows

2010 - present

2010 - present