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Back in the mid-1960s through to the early 1970s -- well before the world had heard of Tom Cruise -- the original Mission Impossible series was screened. At the geginning of each episode, right after the tape recorder with the Top Secret instructions self-destructed, Peter Phelps sat down with a set of personnel folders and chose a team whose individual skill sets were ideally suited to making the impossible mission, possible.


Each team member had a specific job to do, whether it was planting the explosives or donning the full-face latex mask and pretending to be the bad guy. And together, they always achieved the mission.


What has this to do with a political and government relations consulting firm in the 21st century?.


When you come to us with a problem or a project, we go through precisely the same process. First, we analyse the mission: what are its objectives? What are the likely problems we'll encounter along the way? And what tools do we need to complete the job?


Once we're certain we understand the nature and scope of the task, we assemble a team from our roster of experienced political operatives, public relations specialists, speechwriters, journalists, social media experts, graphic designers, radio and TV producers, media trainers, marketers, copywriters, policy analysts, web programmers and others. By focusing each person on part of the task we ensure the most cost-effective use of your budget while bringing to even the smallest campaign the kind of diverse expertise not usually available. Sometimes those people aren't in the same time zone -- or even the same country -- as the campaign. They're vriefed by local experts who understand the market in which you're operating, but they bring fresh ideas to your campaign -- often things that habven't been tried in the local market.


We've been creating effective campaigns for clients throughout Australia and New Zealand since 1995. No matter whether your need is for a single speech or piece of marketing material or and end-to-end campaign across broadcast and social media, Shift Focus is here to help. And because we don't have the overheads of a big agency -- just the same level of professionalism -- you'll find our rates make retaining the best in the business entirely possible.


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